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Yale School of Management’s Case Research and Development Team (CRDT) is happy to announce a new bulk discount of 50% for purchases of 20 or more cases priced at $9.50 each in a single order.  The discount is applied automatically at checkout.

Note that this offer does not include case studies in the Geffen School of Drama at Yale collection.

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Featured Cases

Nathan Cummings Foundation

The Nathan Cummings Foundation had studied the decision to go “all-in” on impact investing for over a year. The Board voted 100% to support this new direction and new goals for financial investments, but many questions remained. How could NCF operationalize and integrate this new strategy? What changes would it need to make to support the investment strategies' long-term success?

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Shake Shack IPO

Shake Shack's long lines of devoted fans made investors salivate when the company went public in 2015 and shares soared above expectations. Was the enthusiasm justified? Could the company maintain its edge in the long run?

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Volkswagen: Engineering a Disaster

In September 2015, Volkswagen admitted to installing defeat switches in their diesel cars to fool environmental regulators. The fraud could cost the company billions in fines and lost revenues, leaving all to wonder, "How could this have happened?"

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What does a raw case look like?

Watch the IBM CSC Case Trailer

At the Yale School of Management, cases come in two “flavors”: cooked and raw. Cooked cases are the traditional paper-based cases (transmitted in the form of a .pdf), consisting of about 2,500 to 7,000 words of text and variety of exhibits at the end of the case. Raw cases are online cases. In addition to text, raw cases present information in a variety of formats – reports, articles, interviews, videos, photographs, original documents, and links to other websites.

Watch our trailer for IBM CSC for an example of a raw case. 

And did you know we have a game?

The Yale Stock Trading Game

The Yale School of Management's Stock Trading Game is an affordable tool intended to provide a fun, quick, and effective introduction to the concepts and mechanics of capital markets and stock trading. Created by Professor Emeritus in the Practice of Finance Roger Ibbotson, the game has become a beloved tradition among Yale's 1st-year EMBA students, yet it can be played by individuals with all levels of experience.

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