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AARP Reimagined

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Yale School of Management
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One of America's most influential lobbying groups and membership organizations, AARP stands at the crossroads. With the entire Baby Boom generation now at least 50 years old, AARP stands to gain millions of new members. Once an organization for senior citizens, AARP is now targeting the 50-plus population with new media, a revamped policy agenda, and products and services.

But AARP's multicultural membership–which includes blacks, Hispanics, and Asian-Americans–lags significantly behind its white membership. In the next generation, America's minority population is projected to almost double. To thrive in the 21st century, AARP has set out to recruit and engage more multicultural members–and to transform its $1.4-billion organization, inside and out.

Published Date: 17/02/2014

Suggested Citation: Charlie Euchner, Thomas Kolditz, and Jaan Elias, "AARP Reimagined," Yale SOM Case 14-010, February 17, 2014

Keywords: Membership, Seniors, Nonprofit, Insurance, Organizational Change, Organizational Culture, United States, Women in Leadership