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Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) is the national Dutch train company, which operates passenger trains over the core railway network in the Netherlands. As broad-based service provider NS stands for easy, fast, safe and affordable travel while ensuring the sustainable accessibility of destinations.

“With over 1.2 million journeys made by train and bus a day, NS has a major impact on society in terms of mobility, safety and emissions among other areas” (NS Impact Analysis: Methodology, 2015). NS is committed to integrate results from its impact analysis in its strategic decision-making and investment decisions. As such and in the context of the broader Sustainable Strategy of the European Railway Sector, NS has committed to enter into a long-term agreement to achieve green power for all trains by 2018. The long-term contract with Eneco, the Dutch electricity provider, powers all electric trains with green power sources for the period between 2015 and 2025. This long-term contract is significant for NS to decrease its energy footprint.

In light of new investment decisions NS wants to understand the true earnings and factors that will be impacted by such decisions. The methodology used is KPMG True Value Methodology.

Published Date: 14/11/2015

Suggested Citation: Michèle Zollinger, “ NS-KPMG,” Yale SOM Case 15-017, November 14, 2015

Keywords: Transportation, Netherlands, Trains, Accounting, Women in Leadership