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Rochester Rehabilitation Center

Yale School of Management
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In 2001, George Gieselman, president of the Rochester Rehabilitation Center, was considering a unique proposition for his nonprofit organization. A Rochester-based greeting card company, Parrett Paper, had fallen on hard times and was looking for a buyer. The Center already operated a division, The Out-Source, which provided direct employment for the disabled individuals who were the clients of the Center. If The Out-Source purchased the card company, the business could potentially generate additional jobs for the disabled as well as provide a source of income. However, the greeting card business seemed to be unlike the other contract work provided by The Out-Source division and therefore might strain the managerial resources of the organization.

Published Date: 25/07/2010

Suggested Citation: Sharon Oster, Stanley Garstka, and Jaan Elias, "Rochester Rehabilitation Center," Yale SOM Case 10-034, July 25, 2010

Keywords: Rehabilitation, Rochester, Women in Leadership