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Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago Performance Programs (2007)

Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago Performance Programs (2007)

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The Museum of Contemporary Art was preparing for the departure of MCA Director Robert Fitzpatrick next year. The MCA had come a long way under Fitzpatrick’s tenure, and Peter Taub, Director of Performance Programs, wondered whether this was a good time to propose a plan for growth in performing arts programming. The performing arts at the MCA introduced a steady stream of audience members to the theater. It also brought in earned revenue and attracted an impressive amount of press to the institution, with a small subsidy from general MCA operations. In the past few years Taub’s department of Performance Programs had been assisted by a dedicated staff member in the department of Media Relations, and there was an unresolved question of whether it should be served by an similar position in the Marketing Department. Such a position would be another step toward an expansion of the program. His department was comfortable being small; the freedom and maneuverability it enjoyed were an advantage. In the last few years they had creatively found ways to partner with other organizations to accomplish their programming goals. However, a larger scope could include commissioning new work and presenting more technically complicated productions. The program shared resources with other events and programs of the museum, and it was important to take these into consideration in the planning process.

The case video includes interview footage of Director of Performance Programs Peter Taub, Assistant Director of Performance Programs Yolanda Cursach, Chief Curator & Deputy Director for Programs Elizabeth Smith, Deputy Director & Chief Development Officer Greg Cameron.

Publication Date: 2007-05-05

Suggested Citation: Naomi Okuyama, "Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago Performance Programs (2007)," Yale Theater Management Knowledge Base Case 07-02, May 5, 2007

Keywords: Case Video, Leadership Transition, Growth Trajectories, Succession

Teaching Notes: No

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