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Sumit Aneja: Getting the Right Investors

Sumit Aneja: Getting the Right Investors

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Yale School of Management
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Sumit Aneja (SOM ’14) had been looking forward to his meeting with Jason Pananos. Aneja was seeking to launch his first search fund and Pananos was an experienced entrepreneur and serial search fund investor. Aneja hoped that Pananos would provide him some tips for his pitch to investors and maybe even give him some leads as to possible targets. However, at their meeting, Pananos had launched into a discourse about the differences among search fund investors and the importance of finding the right investors. Aneja was taken aback by the waterfall of information, but had to agree that it seemed insightful. However, could he operationalize any of this? After all, he was just getting started in the search fund ecosystem and any investment in his fund seemed like a good investment.

Published Date: 09/01/2018

Suggested Citation: A.J. Wasserstein, "Sumit Aneja: Getting the Right Investors," Yale SOM Case 18-019, September 1, 2018

 Keywords: Search Funds, Prospectus, Pitch, Corporate Governance