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Z Space (2011)

Z Space (2011)

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Yale School of Drama
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In October of 2011, Lisa Steindler, the Executive Artistic Director of Z Space, a San Francisco-based non-profit organization that developed and produced new theatrical work, readied herself for the annual board retreat. She was excited by the opportunities she saw for Z Space, which had proven itself capable of significant change, but her excitement was tempered somewhat by a sense of uncertainty. In the midst of planning for Z Space’s capital campaign, Steindler learned that a small adjacent theater space would soon become available. But Z Space already had big plans to turn its own large theater into the versatile space Steindler had always wanted it to be, and it was unclear how a second theater would fit into those plans. She wasn’t entirely sure if, or how, all of Z Space’s plans could happen at the same time. Could Z Space take on a second performance space while it was still figuring out the first? Should it? This case explores facilities and real estate decision-making at a growing theater company.

The case video includes interview footage of Lisa Steindler, Executive Artistic Director.

Publication Date: 2012-07-03

Suggested Citation: Jonathan Wemette, "Z Space (2011)," Yale Theater Management Knowledge Base Case 11-44, July 3, 2012

Keywords: Theater, Performing Arts, San Francisco, California, Case Video, Facilities, Capital Campaign, Leadership, Organizational Direction, Growth Trajectories, Scale

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